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My name is Odd Nystrøm, and I was born and grew up in the small town of Lillestrøm, east of Oslo.

My father Thorbjørn Nystrøm came from Strømmen,outside Lillestrøm. My grandparents were

  • Karl Oskar Nystrøm (b. 1878):  Kråkstad, Eidsberg, Askim, Trøgstad. Sørum, Aurskog, Eidskog, Grue, Nes (all in Norway)
  • Augusta Vilhelmsen (b. 1874):  Lier(Norway), Sweden (Värmland, Dalsland, Stockholm, Göteborg), Finland, Germany.

Choose the link "Karl and Augusta" to read more about this branch.

My mother Elfrida Carlsen lived all her life in Lillestrøm. Her parents were

  • Carl August Christophersen (b. 1860): Lillestrøm, Skedsmo, Østre Aker, United States
  • Caroline Martinsdatter (b. 1865): Lillestrøm, Sør-Odal, Vinger, Eidskog, Nord-Odal, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein, Sachsen)

The link "Carl and Caroline" takes you to pages related to ancestors from Lillestrøm /Skedsmo, Sør-Odal and Germany.

Thanks to the works of Orlando Scholl and Vickie Steen, it has been possible to lay out the descendants of Tron Andersen Steen in the United States.The family emigrated to Iowa in 1853. Follow the link "Steen in America" to rread more. Unfortunately, all personal information is in Norwegian, and it is recommended to use translation tool like Google Translator to read the contents in English.


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Under "Resources" there is a link to my daughter's ancestors on her mother's side. There are several well-known Norwegian families - Isachsen, Steenstrup, Krane, Collett, Stockfleth and Ancher.

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