Steen-familien fra 1853 til i dag


Disse minneordene fra Decorah Public Opinion ble samlet av Orlando C. Scholl.


Mrs. Caroline, who died at the Aase Haugen Old Peoples Home, near Decorah, last Friday May 22, was born in Drammen, Norway, Oct. 5th, 1838 of parents Magnus and Ingrid Linnevold. The family came to America in 1853 and settled in Frankville Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa. As a very young girl, Caroline worked for different families as hired girl and received the very small wage of 75 cents a week.

In 1855 she was married to Ole C. Steen. He was a tailor in Frankville but shortly thereafter moved to Decorah where Mr. Steen continued his trade as a Tailor for several years. Later they moved to Forest City, Iowa, where he continued in this business until his death, Sept. 19, 1892.

Mrs. Steen had seven children. All of them preceded her in death. She came all alone to the Old Peoples Home near Decorah in 1922, abiding there until her death.

Her remains were shipped back to Forest City where grave-side services will be held tomorrow, Tuesday May 26th, where she will be laid to rest by the side of her fine husband and their children.

(The Decorah Public Opinion, 1931)

Strømsø kirke i Drammen, hvor Caroline ble døpt 11. november 1838.

Kirkeboken viser at hun var datter av "Arbeidsmand Magnus Arnesen og hustru Inger Ingebrethsdatter paa Strømsø".

Kirken er fortsatt i bruk.

Dagens Drammen består av to deler - Strømsø og Bragernes, atskilte ladesteder på hver side av Drammenselva. Drammen ble grunnlagt i 1811, da Bragernes og Strømsø ble slått sammen, og i 1812 ble broen mellom bydelene ferdig.


Martin T. Steen died in the home of his son-in-law and daughter, the Oscar Scholls in Frankville township, Jan. 16, 1918. He was born in Kristiania, Norway, Feb. 13, 1834 and came to America with his parents in 1853 and settled in Glenwood township. On June 19, 1871, he married Marthe Blilie. His wife died April 25th, 1895 in their home near Lake Mills, Iowa. He was the father of ten children, eight of whom are alive, namely:-- Theman, Hamilton, Washington; Orlando, Bellingham, Washington; Mres. S. J. Eugelen, Napoleon, N. D.; Casper and Joseph, Canton, Minn.; Marie and Mres. Scholl, Decorah, Iowa; and Carl in Freda, N. Dak.. The last five were here for the funeral.

Besides these children he leaves 3 brothers, John and Otto, Wahoo, Nebraska; and henry, Washington; also his brothers-in-law, Rev. J. A. Blilie, Flandreau, S. Dak., and Jacob Blilie, Canton, Minn.. There are also 19 grand children.

Funeral services were held Saturday, Jan. 19, at Glenwood Church. Pastor Fjelde from Waukon officiating. A large crowd of friends attended the funeral, to show their esteem to one whose Christian life and friendly and cheerful disposition has won every-ones friendship and love.

He has been in good health most of the time, and on Christmas Day attended Church Services. Friday eve he had his evening devotions and as was his practice

(The Decorah Public Opinion, 1918)



Of Margaret Scholl, who Died April 12, 1927

We miss her so, we grieve day after day.
That she is gone and since she went away
The world seems empty.
Even the flowers of spring
Seem no more bright.
The song birds when they sing
Make not much music now as once they made
Before into the Unknown Land she strayed.
Can it be true that she is happy now
While sorrow sore our burdened spirits low.
Yes she is in that fair land where no tears start.
Knows, not as we who only know in part.
Sees, not as we see with tear blinded eyes.
She understands now all lifeís mysteries.
Godís dealings now by her are understood.
She sees how all things work to us for good.
Even things which we call sorrow, pain and loss.
She sees the Crown eternal, not the Cross.
She knows that all Godís ways to us are love.
And she is happy in that home above.
A few brief years of separation, then
Never to parted be, weíll meet again.

(Public Opinion, Harry Green, May 4, 1927)


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